Flush Mounting Bracket

This Bracket is for the Travel Buddy Marine, Road Chef, Kickass Ovens and all other copies//clones (Big Bertha excluded)

Dimensions for the main bracket are: 371mm Wide, 296mm Deep & 219mm High

Dimensions for the SS Fascia are: 395mm Wide & 255mm High

The Flush Mount Bracket is designed for use when you want to mount into a wall and have the oven flush with it.

It comes with a the main bracket made from 2mm aluminium which mounts on inside and a Stainless Steel Fascia which goes on the outside.

Using these to parts you sandwich the bracket between your wall surface be it a plywood cabinet or draw front or aluminium or fibreglass wall. Also can be used on mesh Cargo barriers.


NOTE* cutting the correct size hole and drilling will be required the fascia makes a perfect template .

Made in Australia from 1.6mm stainless steel and 2mm Aluminium with all stainless hardware precision CNC Lasercut , Folded.


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