Y62 Soft Luggage Shelf


This Luggage shelf is designed to bolt to the Half Height Cargo Barrier and is required for its fitment. It uses the existing brackets and holes from the Cargo Barrier to mount.

This Half Height Caro Barrier is great addition to any rear fitout allowing you to maximise the space available in the cargo area. Easy to install and can be removed within a few minutes if required. It attaches to you rear grab handles and the 2nd row headrests. Modular design allows for future attachments inc luggage shelf, Divider and Lower Barrier

Note* Designed for off road use only. You cannot use this barrier with 3rd row seating in place.


Designed & Made in Australia from 2mm Steel It has a full folded and welded frame unlike others to provide maximum strength.

Precision CNC Lasercut , Folded, welded and then powdercoated in Dulux Elements Night Sky Black.

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